Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is your Energy Formula?

In the May 2011 edition of the Real Simple Magazine the editor's notes introduces the idea that there is a formula that each of us needs to follow in order to stay energized all day. I love this approach to time management. By focusing on what will keep you motivated and energized you will continue to get closer and closer to your goal of freedom.


8 hours of sleep

+ a strong cup of good coffee while reading my daily meditation

+an hour of early morning yoga

+light breakfast followed by a healthy mid-morning snack

+a trip to work with no distractions

+a good laugh

+lunch with a friend

+no boring meetings

+a glass of wine when I get home in the evening

+a planned out dinner with little prepwork

+a nice walk with my dogs and husband in the evening

+a bubble bath or ½ hour of reading with a cup of tea before bed


Here is my formula, I guess it is not too much different than the editor's list. What is on your list?

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